SensoMedical provides solutions for every stage of the product development lifecycle. We save time and money for early stage entrepreneurs by helping design and validate innovative technologies and products. We serve clinical and scientific research organizations by extending their facilities and resources. Medical device companies benefit from accelerated product development and support for completing projects on-time and within budget.

SensoMedical is committed to enabling our customers to reach their milestones, ensure high quality and performance, reduce technological risks and most importantly, eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

  • Design – Based on our extensive experience, SensoMedical enables intelligent device design, providing optimal design solutions that span application, performance, risk management, testing, regulatory, standards, manufacturing and cost requirements.
  • Development – In the development stage, SensoMedical brings the design plan to life, incorporating software, mechanical, electronics, biomedical engineering, electrochemistry, and electrodes design capabilities.
  • Product Testing – SensoMedical provides testing services including protocol development, design verification and validation, planning, designing testing tools, implementation, analysis and reporting.
  • Prototyping – Whether it’s a product mockup or a fully functional model, SensoMedical has access to an array of technologies for designing and building the prototype you need.
  • Production Capabilities – SensoMedical provides production services that include building and managing cost effective manufacturing processes without compromising quality.