SensoMedical was founded to leverage the extensive experience and expertise derived from a long career in the field of neurotechnology. Specific competencies in medical device technology include:

  • Neuroprosthetics/neurostimulater applications – chronic, semi-chronic or acute, partially or totally implantable
  • Electrophysiology monitoring and stimulation – incorporation of acute, chronic, long term and short term electrophysological devices for use in general practice and neurosurgery
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) – Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery devices, surgical and implantable medical devices and applications as well as follow-up solutions
  • Electrodes including chronic and acute, invasive and external, totally or partially implanted; for use in monitoring and stimulation of various signal types; durability and impedance improvements; multi and high channel count electrodes; applications in various clinical and neuroscience research
  • Neuroscience technology for research applications, integration of solutions from recording and behavioural test equipment, software, front end and mechanical solutions